Allegheny Apparel


Why we do what we do...

Like so many great ideas, Allegheny Apparel was born out of pure necessity. Our story began more than a decade ago, founder Matt Dado printed iron on transfers from a desktop printer for dodge-ball uniforms for fellow college roommates at John Carroll University.  He quickly discovered that a printer willing to produce high-quality t-shirts didn’t exist as the shirts faded after only one wash.  Not to mention the issues pertaining to the fit of the shirt!   

Fast-forward 10 years, and Matt quickly realized all of his past baseball t-shirts had either cracked, faded, or peeled because of the use of vinyl and screen-print techniques. 

Allegheny Apparel was soon founded in 2015 in a small town in the middle of nowhere (New Castle, PA).  At the time he ordered various custom t-shirts for his father's golf company, nothing seemed to really allowed them to stand out or offer the quality they looked for in a t-shirt made for the links.   Reminded of previous custom t-shirts he owned and experiences, with only one desk and next to no free time, the brand was suddenly born. Matt's passion for creativity and collaboration brought his vision and apparel to life.

Allegheny Apparel's sublimated shirts bring together the finest 100% polyester breathable material and allows customers limitless design capabilities to create something very special for any occasion. Matt believes in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy.  Colorful, creative, and inspired by providing customers a quality product that showcases their brand, each product represents what Matt loves about the world he lives in. 

Through the brand Allegheny Apparel, Matt has taken his dedication of providing clients limitless customization options without additional price increases for every color added, turn-around time, quality, environmental responsibility and customer-service that drove his success in the community and applied it to industries that face the same customization needs—whether it’s a race circuit in Las Vegas, a business grand opening taking place on the East Coast or a trendy restaurant down the street.

Let Allegheny Apparel sublimated apparel inspire you to dream big!  STAND OUT FROM THE REST!